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At Brookville Veterinary Hospital we prioritize your pet’s emotional and physical well-being during every visit. We put your pet first!

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Photo of Andrew


Business Manager

The son of Dr. Jim Shields, Andrew grew up on the Shields’ family farm in Summerville, where animal care was simply a part of life from day one. He’s been around the earth’s creatures and veterinary medicine in general all his life, but never suspected he would find such fulfillment and joy from helping to run a vet clinic! Andrew is proud to help bring the best care possible to the pets and animal owners of the area as Brookville Veterinary Hospital’s Business Manager. 

Andrew studied theology in college, and didn’t always plan on becoming a part of his father’s veterinary clinic team. When his mother went out of town to visit her sister, she left Andrew in charge of the hospital—that was in 1997, and Andrew has been serving the clinic ever since! Over time, as he solved problem after problem and improved workflows all around the hospital, he became the Business Manager. Andrew’s hard work was rewarded in 2010, when the hospital achieved accreditation through the American Animal Hospital Association. 

Andrew and his wife, Stephanie, along with their sons Evan, Joseph, and Isaiah, recently moved back to the family farm in Summerville with their fussy cat, Cleo, and their Golden Retriever, Harrison. When he isn’t at work or spending quality time with his family, he likes working on his recently launched chicken farm, staying active in his church, and going on mission trips. Andrew’s family regularly travels to Costa Rica to serve communities there!

Photo of Amy


Head Technician

Amy always loved science and medicine, but knew that she didn’t want to be a nurse in the human healthcare world. When she started reading the Merck Veterinary Manual for fun during her high-school years, she started to realize that animal care was her true passion! Amy decided to devote herself to professional veterinary care, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now, she’s Brookville Veterinary Hospital’s Head Veterinary Technician! 

Amy grew up just outside of Brookville and attended Fairmont State College in West Virginia to earn her Associate’s degree in veterinary technology—she was selected as one of the 25 students a year accepted into the program out of 150 applicants! Having shadowed here during her high-school years, Amy joined the Brookville Veterinary Hospital team in the spring of 2001 right out of school, and she’s been a member of the hospital team ever since. 

As a Tech, Amy is fond of dental work and the way it contributes to the overall health of her patients. She also loves a lot of her behind-the-scenes work; Amy helped to write the clinic’s Standards Manual, Employee Handbook, and Laboratory Manual, and is responsible for coordinating the hospital’s accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. She’s also in charge of organizing and leading the biweekly team meetings here at the clinic to keep everyone on the same page! 

When she’s not tending to pets and animal owners on the job, Amy enjoys spending quality time with her family, going hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking in the great outdoors, and staying active in her church community. She also loves to be on the water and is a big fan of swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and visiting all of the local bodies of water she can. 

Photo of Brooke


Certified Veterinary Technician

For Brooke, the decision to enter the field of veterinary medicine was an easy one. She has adored animals of all shapes and sizes ever since she was a little girl, and always knew that she wanted to do everything in her power to help pets live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. That passion just never quit! Brooke gets to help pets and their owners on a daily basis—she’s a proud member of the clinic’s Veterinary Technician team. 

Brooke is a native of Brookville and attended the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for her veterinary schooling. Afterward, she began an externship here at Brookville Veterinary Hospital, and was happy to accept a job offer upon completion of her externship hours. She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since, and has special interests in radiographs and laboratory work. Above all, Brooke loves interacting with the area’s pets and animal parents one-on-one. 

Brooke’s interests outside of veterinary care include kayaking, camping, and enjoying the company of her family and pets at home. Along with her husband and her young daughter, Brooke shares her life with five pets: Luna, a Beagle/Blue Heeler mix; a quirky black-and-white cat named Roy; a quiet cat name Mota; a spunky senior pup name Charlie; and a bouncy chinchilla named Dinko.

Photo of Marissa


Veterinary Technician

Marissa grew up on a small farm with cows, horses, hogs, a goat, dogs, and cats. She was also responsible for animals as a member of the 4-H organization from the time she was eight years old. For Marissa, caring for the earth’s creatures is simply something that comes naturally! It only made sense for her to keep bettering the lives of pets as a member of the veterinary profession. 

Marissa was born and raised in Tionesta, Pennsylvania and attended the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, graduating with her degree in veterinary technology in February of 2019. She moved back home and took a job at another veterinary clinic, but the long commute began to take its toll. When Marissa was offered a job here at Brookville Veterinary Hospital, she knew that it was the perfect opportunity to advance her career and help countless pets and animal owners at the same time! 

As a Tech, Marissa loves getting to work hands-on with local pets, and she’s especially fond of placing IV lines and performing blood draws. Her favorite part of every shift, though, is getting to meet new pet owners and their animal friends. 

When she’s not at work, Marissa can usually be found training her dog, kayaking on the river, or riding four-wheelers. She shares her life with her husband and several pets: Ramona, a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix who knows many commands and tricks, Mako, a mischievous Aussie Mix, and two kitties — companions since vet tech school – Mila and Mavis. Mavis is spicy at the vet.

Photo of Eden


Certified Veterinary Technician

Eden has owned pets all her life. She doesn’t take for granted the unconditional love and unrelenting loyalty that our animal companions give. For her, being able to serve as a voice for those who can’t always speak up for themselves is the ultimate reward! Eden is a proud member of the Veterinary Technician team here at Brookville Veterinary Hospital. 

Eden grew up locally and attended the Vet Tech Institute to study veterinary technology, completing her externship hours at the Philadelphia SPCA. She worked in emergency veterinary care before moving back to this area, and it wasn’t long before she had signed on here at the clinic. Eden particularly likes phlebotomy cases and emergency medicine, and she’s also in charge of the anesthesia equipment maintenance” and is passionate about animal behavior. She’s even Fear-Free Certified and loves to help each and every animal visitor to the clinic feel as comfortable as possible.

Away from work, Eden’s interests tend to revolve around animals as well. She loves to foster pets and constantly has a rotating cast of critters at home. Also enjoys camping and traveling. There are also several permanent animal residents. Along with her husband, Jake, she lives with three cats: Elvira, the sassy matriarch of the family; Little Poop, named for a health issue he overcame while Eden was fostering him; and Wolfie, the big baby of the bunch. A ball python named Ichabod Crane rounds out the animal portion of the family, and also Vedder, a pitbull/boxer mix, who is a character that has completed their little family.

Photo of Chris


Client Relations Specialist

For Chris, veterinary medicine is a family affair—Dr. Shields is her uncle. She grew up coming to Brookville Veterinary Hospital, and it simply made sense to join the clinic team when the time came for a new opportunity. She’s a Customer Service Representative, but her job description goes far beyond that. Chris likes to say that if it relates to pet owners in any way, she’s involved in it!

Chris is a native of Summerville, Pennsylvania, where Dr. Shields and his family lived only a corn field or two away. She earned her degree in elementary education in 1992, and was a stay-at-home mother for many years before rejoining the workforce. In 2013, she decided to pursue something she had always loved: animal care. That’s when Chris joined the Brookville Veterinary Hospital family! Her favorite part of her job is interacting one-on-one with the pet owners of the area and getting to meet their loveable animal companions. 

In her time away from the office, Chris likes to read, puzzle and travel, and stay involved in her children’s activities. She and her family share their lives with two dogs, Remi and Ruger who will do anything for treats, two cats Kevin and Bella, and Gracie Mae, a golden who comes to work with her everyday.

Photo of Becca


Client Relations Specialist / Veterinary Assistant

Becca has been passionate about animal care for as long as she can remember. And she’s always found fulfillment in helping others. What better way to combine the two than by working in the veterinary profession? Becca gets to make a difference in the lives of others—both humans and animals!—as a part of the Brookville Veterinary Hospital family.

Becca was born and raised in Knox, Pennsylvania and was only a little girl when she first started volunteering in animal shelters. Before she was an employee here at Brookville Veterinary Hospital, she was a client—Becca was so impressed with the care she and her dog received, she jumped at the chance to apply for a job when the opportunity came up. She joined the team in April of 2021 and has been enjoying every moment since.

When she’s not at work, Becca can be found exploring the great outdoors and caring for her menagerie of pets at home. She lives with her boyfriend, Bryan, her stepson, Cash, and plenty of animal companions. The family shares their home with a sweet dog, Gunner; Bun Bun the Netherland Dwarf rabbit; a special-needs duck named Squeaks; five chickens who go by Rascal, Maybel, Virginia, Charles, and Kiwi as well as their chicks; and six rescued baby possums that Becca is currently rehabilitating for release back into the wild.

Photo of Cathie


Client Relationship Specialist

Cathie has always had a strong passion for two things in life: animals and talking with people. As a client relations specialist at Brookville Veterinary Hospital, she has been able to seamlessly fuse those two interests together. Not only is she able to be around the animals that she loves, she’s also able to help and talk to concerned pet owners, too!

They say to find a job doing something you find fun, and that’s exactly what Cathie has done at Brookville Veterinary Hospital. Nothing makes her happier than greeting pet owners and their sweet four legged family members with a big, bright smile every day at the clinic. She realizes that people entrust her with their pets, and that in itself is satisfying.

Born and raised in Jefferson, OH, Cathie grew up the youngest of a blended family of 5, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Today, she is married and has 2 adult children who are in college, along with 2 Welsh Corgis named Bandit and Scout.

In her free time, Cathie enjoys listening to 80s music and decorating. She also likes spending time with her husband; you can catch them hunting turkey and deer, and also tending to their turkey call building business!

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