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Benefits of Laser Therapy

July 15, 2020

Here at Brookville Veterinary Hospital, we are truly dedicated to helping our animal friends feel better. One thing that we are proud to offer is laser therapy. This is a wonderful treatment that can help pets with a variety of health problems. A Jefferson County, PA vet discusses some key benefits of laser therapy in this article. 

Physical Benefits

First and foremost, laser therapy is very effective, and offers a range of benefits. It can decrease inflammation, soothe and release tight muscles, increase blood flow, fight inflammation, and stimulate the body to release endorphins. Laser therapy also often results in faster healing. That’s a definite plus! 


Laser therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all option, but it can be helpful in treating a variety of issues. It’s often used to help arthritic pets become more mobile. However, it’s also great for helping pets heal from surgery and treating tendon and ligament injuries. 

No Medication Needed

As you may know, it isn’t always easy giving pets medication. Many of them fight tooth and nail—or technically, tooth and claw—against their meds. Plus, some animals just aren’t well-suited to taking medications. Pets with liver problems, for example, may only be able to take a few very mild medicines, if any at all. Our feline friends are also quite sensitive to many medications. Laser therapy, fortunately, does not require medication. 


Another wonderful thing about laser therapy is the fact that it is completely painless. The laser produces a very mild, warm sensation. Many of our furry patients actually seem to enjoy it. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pets to visibly relax during their treatments. Some even fall asleep!

Short Sessions

The average laser therapy session is less than half an hour long. You can bring your pet in for their session without having to give up a huge chunk of your day! 


Laser therapy can be repeated as needed. We often see continued improvement after multiple sessions. Of course, how many sessions a pet needs would depend on the type and severity of their ailment. 

No Recovery Time Needed

Another great thing about laser therapy is that pets don’t need any recovery time. We may recommend an extra nap and a few ear scritches, but that’s pretty much it!

 Do you think your pet could benefit from laser therapy? Contact us, your Jefferson County, PA vet clinic!