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Caring for Fido's Teeth

August 1, 2020

Did you know that dental issues are a serious problem for our canine companions? Just like people, dogs can be afflicted by a variety of painful issues. Taking care of your pup’s choppers is very important! A Jefferson County, PA vet offers some doggy dental care tips in this article.

Watch For Warning Signs

Keep a close eye out for signs of dental issues. Bad breath is a common one. Other red flags include ropy, bloody, or excessive drool; bloody smears on toys and dishes; swelling; and tartar buildup. Fido may not seem very playful, and he may act grouchy or withdrawn. You may also notice changes in his eating habits. 


We recommend getting your canine pal’s choppers examined at least once a year, starting when he’s about a year old. In between visits, if you see any of the symptoms listed above, call your vet right away. It’s worth mentioning that the point of treating these issues isn’t to give Fido a perfect smile, but to address issues that can cause pain, infection, and/or other problems.


Brushing Fido’s teeth will go a long way towards keeping them clean and healthy. Of course, you’ll need to get your pooch on board with the idea. At first, just gently rub his teeth and gums. Work this into your normal doggy cuddle time, and offer treats and praise to sweeten the deal. Once he’s used to this, start to incorporate doggy toothpaste and a pet toothbrush. 

Dental Products

If you aren’t having much luck getting Fido to let you brush his teeth, look into other options. There are plenty of doggy dental products that are formulated to reduce and remove plaque and tartar. Dental-formula kibble, treats, and chews are a few examples. Oral rinses and dental flakes also work. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Chew Toys

Chewing is actually beneficial for Fido. It keeps his jaws strong, and also stimulates saliva production, which will help keep his mouth clean. Ask your vet to recommend suitable chew toys.


Last but not least, make sure that your furry friend always has plenty of fresh water. This is of course crucial to Fido’s overall health. It’s also very important for his oral care needs! 

Please reach out to us, your local Jefferson County, PA vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!